Your style + a bike = brilliant!

Frocks On Bikes exists to help you get on a bike.

No stress, no fuss, no need for lycra.  

Just freedom, convenience, and fun – in your own style!

What the frock?

Biking from A to B can give you loads of things we all love – more time, more money, more confidence, more freedom!  But NZ can be tough for everyday cycling, especially for women.

So Frocks On Bikes holds events and provides services to help women “over the hump” and onto a bike – in their own way.

Frocks’ kaupapa is at the heart of how we roll – read it here.

It boils down to this: you can ride however often you want, at whatever speed you like, in whatever you like to wear – yes, even a frock!

You’ll feel great, you’ll love the convenience, and…

…you might enjoy knowing you’re helping make your city more people-friendly and sustainable – without even trying. 

I want to get rolling!

Frocks On Bikes’ mothership is in Wellington, where we began, and there are active “flocks” all over NZ. Browse the tabs at the top to find a flock near you…

Or if you prefer, just get inspired and hit the road! Everyday riding from A to B doesn’t have to be “with” or “through” Frocks On Bikes. We just want you to get out there and enjoy the freedom – safely, confidently and looking great!

Keen to see some Frocks goodness start rolling in your town?  Drop us a line

– we’ve everything you need to start a Flock easily.

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Offers? Just email the Frocks On Bikes Mothership!

Photo by Any Morley-Hall
Photo by Andy Morley-Hall

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