New date for Street Skills Clinic this Saturday May 5th (Tauranga)

New date for Street Skills Clinic this Saturday May 5th. See details below:
Being Frockers we like to be noticed when riding our bicycles around town…
Become a Street Savvy Woman and show other road users how smart and confident you are while cycling!

Saturday May 5th 9-11am – Street Skills Clinic with Iris Thomas and Vanessa Quin
Get the basic skills you need for safe and confident street riding  – call it “beginners” if you like, but it’s skill we all need!  If roundabouts make you feel a bit nervous, or approaching potholes / parked cars / 4-way inersections make you long for the footpath – Street Skills is for you!
Come learn about road rules and bike safety from two very street savvy cyclists. Iris Thomas founder of Kids Can Ride bicycle saftey programme and Vanessa Quin former World Champion Downhill Mountain Biker are teaming up to give women an opportunity to learn first hand about cyclist’s road rights and responsibilites.
Even better, it’s FREE!
Meet outside the Courthouse on Cameron Road at 9am. Bring your own bicycle, a helmet, and hi-vis gear if you have it. Hi-vis vests will be provided for those without. “What! Hi-vis?” you say. It’s required ladies. It will get us noticed and identify us as a group AND we want to do exactly what Iris tells us to do! We will review road rules and bike safety first, then put into practice what we learn with a group ride. Q&A session afterwards with prizes.


Please let us know if you wish to attend. If there is something you want to try on Cameron Road let us know that too!
Lunch and coffee at a local cafe following the clinic. Why? Because you must reward yourself for being so GOOD!

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