Sunday afternoon: coffee, food, goodness… yes please! (Wellington)

Thinking you might go for a coffee this Sunday and enjoy the forecast wonderful weather?

Well, grab your wheels and make a beeline for Celcius Café in Petone: they’ve won the Conscious Consumers carrotmob challenge!

Nationwide, cafés have been vying to donate to a good cause the biggest percentage of their sales from a two-hour window this Sunday afternoon.  So during this two-hour window … people mob them with custom!  

Celcius is the Wellington winner, and will donate 45% of their sales from the “carrotmob” period to a Fair Trade coffee cooperative in Papua New Guinea.   They’ll use it to set up (solar-powered) electricity for the cooperative’s office.  Go Celsius!  

Great cause? [TICK!]

Great fun? [TICK!]

Great café experience? [TICK!]

“So how can I be part of this awesome thing?” we hear you cry. It’s easy: just head to Celsius this Sunday between 2 and 4pm for your regular Sunday afternoon coffee / cake / brunch / afternoon tea, and bring a friend – or a few!

Frocks On Bikes augmented the carrotmob  to last year’s winners (Memphis Belle), and we had a blast. We played up to the media by arriving in a “mob”, looking stylish on our bikes and ringing our bells. Then… we had nice coffee and tasty food!  

So – come along to Celcius on Sunday by yourself, or with your DIY mob, or – if you want to be part of a little spectacle of styley people arriving on bikes (and maybe getting our photos in the newspaper), get in touch with Frocks!  

 To be part of a mini-mob to Celcius, mail us back at  with “I want to carrotmob!” and we’ll send you the details of our (very close by) rendez-vous spot.

See you Sunday!