Christchurch – celebrate winter riding and ‘winterise’ your bike

Hey Frockers!

We may be past the shortest day, but we’ve still got the longest, coldest part of winter to go!  Our Winter Solstice Ride (21st June) proved that riding in the dark and cold is not impossible, in fact its quite fun and invigorating. One of our group counted way over 100 riders and we made quite a spectacle as we sparkled and twinkled fore and aft around Hagley!

If you’re not a regular winter rider and want to embrace the change, maybe you should consider “winterising” your bike: Here’s some quotes from Velo-Ideal

The essentials:

• Full length mud guards supplied and fitted: From $75

• Good quality LED lights supplied and fitted front and back: From $60  

And nice to haves:

• Chain lubricated: From $10

• New tyres fitted: From $90*

• Brake pads replaced: From $45

• Cushioned handlebar tape supplied and fitted (much warmer to hold): From $45

All up this comes to $325. Not a huge cost when you consider that it costs the same as a WOF, rego and a tank of petrol. And if you’re riding and not taking the car, well that’s the only excuse you need to buy yourself a puffer jacket and possum fur boots

*Worn tyres with casing showing are more prone to punctures and less grippy, but, interestingly, tyre tread is irrelevant on paved surfaces. Sheldon Brown and Jobst Brandt explain it succinctly. Wet metal plates, paint stripes, and railway/tram tracks are incorrigibly slippery no matter the season!