Spring has Sprung! (Updated Melbourne events)

Daylight is saved!

The frocks are getting lighter by the day!

After the long winter of our cold and rainy discontent and only sporadic event-organising, we’re back, and ready to leap into a bit of spring piggy-backing-off-other-people’s-brilliant-initiatives.

To wit:

1. Ausbike Expo 2012

Ausbike is on this Saturday (13th October) at the Exhibition Buildings and have invited us to put in a frocked-up appearance.

We did a spot of background googling, and imagine it will look a bit like this pic of a similar event in the same location…

Come and meet at the rotunda at Edinburgh Gardens at 11am, and pootle on down to Carlton. Roll Up Valet Bicycle Parking will take care of our steeds while we go and stroll amidst the assembled bike-related exhibitors, possibly spending more time at the cyclette.com.au and cyclestyle.com.au stands than at aussiebuttcream.com, but up to you.

There are Prizes To Be Won: www.ausbike.com.au/page/competitions-2012

We even have some free tickets for frocked-up ladies. Turn up alone or with a friend – all welcome.

Check it out: ausbike.com.au

Our FB event page: www.facebook.com/events/282140535236340/

2. Ride2Work Day

It’s Ride2Work Day on Wednesday October 17th, so we’ll be joining all the other cycling Melburnians cruising the city in the spirit of active commuting and free community breakfasts. We’ll be getting ours at Edinburgh Gardens from 8am (as will cyclestyle.com.au) – register (for free) at ride2work.com.au and come and join us, or search their list of community breakfasts for one that suits your location better. Free breakfast, fabulous prizes, frocked-up ladies – what more could you want?

Our FB event page: www.facebook.com/events/248585015263779/


There are plenty of other delightful things on at the moment as well – for example join the Squeaky Wheel for cycling and art and cocktails on Sunday: www.facebook.com/events/380897698647662/ or cycling and art and scavenger hunting on the 20th: www.facebook.com/events/142342972575657/

Hope to see you out and about soon,

Frockingly yours,