Christchurch WINTER SOLSTICE ride

This just in from Meg in Christchurch:

I sincerely hope this email will brighten up your week because it brings notice of the Christchurch WINTER SOLSTICE ride

Deck your bike and person out with lights as you can and come down to Hagley Park’s Armagh Street gates at 5.30pm on Friday 21st June. We’ve got over 100 riders coming so far!
It will be a gentle 20-30 minute ride around Hagley Park, in the dark,  ending up at a cosy pub for those who so desire.
This ride is ON no matter what the weather. Remember there is no such thing as bad cycling weather, just wrong clothes. OK, if there is a foot of snow then those without snow chains for their bikes are excused…
And where do you start for the best bang for your buck when it comes to bike lights and reflective gear? Wellington Council and Consumer NZ have done the thinking and testing for you and came up with…  View the full test results here.
Quite a few regions around the country are running Be Bright campaigns to help local cyclists get more visible.  Check out the Bike Wise events calendar to find out if there is a Be Bright campaign in your area.
Making sure you can be seen saves your life and is also the law.  Penalties include:
•       A $55 fine for no lights on your bike 
•       A $55 fine for no tail light on your bike 
•       A $55 fine for no red reflector or tape.  I’m not sure how rigorously this last one is enforced, but come down to the ICEcycles bike fix up on 22 June, 1-4pm, Delta Trust, 105  North Avon Road  and you may be able to score a free one- limited stock so be in quick!
Did you know?
•       It costs around $25 to $60 for a good set of lights.
•       For $14, you can buy slap bands, reflective stickers, and LED bag clip and spoke reflectors from the Bike Wise online shop.

And if you come down to Hagley Park’s Armagh Street gates at 5.30pm on Friday 21st June, we’ll have reflective and sparkly  trouser straps to give away!


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