More details about Open Streets/Ciclovia

Hi Frocks

I have no shame at all in reminding you again that the Open Street/Ciclovia event is coming up!

We now have more details of where ands when the Grand Floral Spring Frocks on Bikes Parade will start:

***11am in the Victoria Square area****
details from Connie and the organisers attached.

29th September29th September29th September29th September29th September29th September (not 19th as per last week’s email!).

I’m happy to say I’ll now be there- will you?

Stand by for details about October’s event: the French Fest and the Mardi Gras parade in Akaroa!

Letter to Frockers Sept.docx

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    • The Auckland flock is re-organising at the moment, so while there are no new events being planned we are still supporting other groups’ events. There will definitely be things happening over the summer and we’ll update everyone who’s subscribed to the newsletter on those. If you want to help organise something, or have an idea about a great ride, get in touch and we can help spread the word.

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