Four cycling notices for November/December

hi Everyone
I have 4 messages to pass on:
First up, what do you think about singing on a cycle?. This is a call for anyone interested in the formation of a Bicycle Choir for an event in New Brighton as part of a community arts project during the last week in November 2013. Come along to a preliminary workshop in New Brighton on Sunday November 10th at 3.30pm at the drop-in community house at 165 Seaview Road, New Brighton.
Briefly, the bicycle-choir is a sonic-cum-choreographic plot to combine cycling with singing! Anyone enthusiastic (no professional skills required) is welcome. Phil Dadson , Artist in the TEZA / New Brighton initiative (November 24 – Dec 1, 2013) for enquiries

Another of our members is organising a fundraiser for children with Tourettes Syndrome for Camp Twitch at Living Springs in 2014. As Robyn explains:
“Move Your Body, a play on the fact that those with TS have absolutely no choice about moving with the physical tics they have, involves getting people to commit to moving their body every day for the 30 days of November. Not only will it encourage people to exercise (hopefully) but it will also raise awareness about the physical nature of TS – it’s not all about swearing!
In terms of it being a fundraiser we are asking people to do one (or all) of three things:
get people to sponsor them per day for every day they complete; (exercise could be dancing, walking to school with kids, biking, swimming etc) to make a pledge to exercise every day and pay an amount, say $5, for every day they miss; or simply make a donation.”
Please contact Robyn to register interest, for more information or a sponsorship sheet.
The group is going to end the 30-days with a fun ride out at McLean’s Island on Saturday 30 November at 11am with a picnic afterward if people want to hang around. I’ll send out another email reminding people of this, as well as logistics of how you can borrow a mountain bike if you don’t have one. How awesome would it be to have a bevy of frock-attired riders among the usual sweaty lycra mob?

If you are looking for a way to make your bike even more cool and convenient look no further than One our Wellington Frockers has a small online shop selling these bags. Beautiful Bike Bags are a practical solution for everyday riding in Canterbury. Check out the range of panniers, handlebar bags, seat post bags and smart phone cases to sweeten your ride today. They make great Christmas presents too!

Speaking of Christmas, we are again in this year’s Santa Parade, 8 December. For those interested in preparing your costume/bike beforehand, do you want to meet on a mid-week evening or assemble in Hagley Park around noon on the day? Please let Nigel know your preference.