Merry Christmas and a few holiday options

Merry Christmas, frockers!
We all looked great at the Christmas parade earlier this month. Congratulations to all the biking vikings and attendant wenches.
I’d like to wish you all a safe and enjoyable Christmas holiday and looking forward to some great rides togther in 2014. Already there are plans afoot for the CHOCBAR ride (Christchurch Atautahi Cargo Bike Annula Ride) in late March.
Should you want to have a holiday on 2 wheels over the summer (the best kind!) there are some special discounts available with Pure Trails Mainlander’s club- see attached. If the attachment fails (and our IT lady has gone home!) the website to go to is for info on some great cycle touring.
If you are staying in Christchurch on the weekend of the 11th and 12th January, the National Road Cycling Championships are again being held around (and around and around) the Hackthorn/Dyers Pass loop. Its a wonderful weekend of European-style stunning riding. I’ll be watching… if I’m not doing my own ride somewhere fabulous! Meg
PureTrails Mainlanders Club flier.pdf