Wadjda- a movie for bike riders

Hey everyone, we’re always looking at doing different, but still bike related, activities, and April’s event is to promote a movie. (Besides, we did have 2 rides during March!). One of our flock has totally recommend Wadjda at Alice’s. Its an inspiring film about a girl who merely wants to ride a bike… a really interesting insight into life in Saudi and what we take for granted. OK we may have to wait years for our cycle paths but at least we ladies are at liberty to ride! http://cinematheque.aliceinvideoland.co.nz/Movie+wadjda
Unfortunately, there is pretty much only day time viewings left, but if you find yourself at a loose end, why not check it out. Tuesdays have $10 sessions.
Prebook by ringing Alice’s 365 0615 or emailingalice@aliceinvideoland.co.nz . Get in quick as it’s a small theatre and apparently it was a full house last night.

Keep the ideas flowing for activities, events and rides. Rumour has it we’ll be back on bikes and doing an arts tour for May’s ride and, of course, June always brings with it our not-to-be-missed Winter Solstice event!

With the tragic death of that lady this morning on Lincoln Road, it’s a sobering reminder to please ride predictably and defensively, well lit and hi-vised, alert for distracted drivers. Health benefits of cycling well out weigh the risk of injury from crashes. I’m sure that these feelings of contentment, happiness and wellbeing we get from going by bike also outweighs those moments of stress 🙂 Meg