Situation Vacant- only ladies need apply

Hey Frockers,
I drafted this letter I my head as I was jogging in the sleet this morning. Strange, but no one else from my morning group was out…
WANTED: media savvy, photogenic, youngish woman who is a fashion icon on her bike (breaking all the equal employment opportunity laws, I’m afraid).
Over the past 5 yeas I’ve been Christchurch‘s Frocks on Bikes administrator I’ve had numerous requests for TV interviews, from the print media and radio. Now I’m well over the wrong side of 50 it really is time to give over this part of Frocks work to someone who can really fly the flag that cycling is chic, the new black, something that the younger generation can relate too, blah blah blah.
If you want to be a media star get in touch! In the meantime, I’ve had 2 (2!) interviews this week- one from an Australian mag and another from Avenues.
Oh, and by the way, please support the guys and girls in overalls who are the Bike Fix Up stars by voting for ICEcycles Stand by for details about riding through the Lyttelton Tunnel later this month


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