August’s ride: Treadle the Tunnel

Hi Everyone
Its hard to believe that its been two months since Winter Solstice and our dark, wintery ride.
The Lyttelton tunnel is going to be opened up for people on bikes and on foot on Sunday 31st August so lets be part in the fun! All details are attached.
It will be pretty hectic trying to meet close to the tunnel entrance so I suggest that we (you) congregate at Hillborough Park on Opawa Road at 9am, ready to ride at 9.15am. I won’t be there but several of you have indicated that you will be. It’s a 3 km ride to the tunnel entrance. Yes, Dyers Road is scary- especially the narrow bit under the overpass, but remember there is safety in numbers and most of the traffic will be sympathetic as they will be heading to the same place as you. Take the lane- don’t be squeezed or intimidated!
Celebrations will start about 9.30am and the actual opening and time to ride through is at 10. Watch out for runners coming the other way (I’ll be the one at the back!) Once through, good luck with finding a café. Maybe you should take a thermos for refreshments. The market, however, will have readily available eats.,
Given its the tunnel’s 50th birthday, opened in 1963, lets go for a 60s theme for dress code? Bell bottoms and mini skirts! ! Orange, mustards, purples and lime greens! Floral and geometric patterns! Enjoy.


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