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Well hello there Auckland Frockers

Hope you are all revelling in this delightful summer!  Bar today, may we all have many more glorious twilight and warm morning rides to come.  To celebrate freedom on two-wheels, we have some fun events coming up to keep you rolling in style.

First up though, it is with giggly excitement and many high-fives that one of our fellowFrock-stars has launched Auckland Bike Style blog.  It is a delightful snapshot into the lives of a variety of wheeled pedestrians out and about on our Auckland streets.  Very well done you! [curator prefers to be anonymous to let the style speak for itself, bless].  Check it out here

Upcoming events

Love Your Bike (Valentines Day Picnic) 
Saturday 14th February 3-5pm 



EcoFest is on the North Shore this year and to support sustainable transport to / from the North Shore in advance of (toes-crossed) SkyPath, we thought it would be fun to organise a ‘ladies who lunch and ride’ event to / in Milford. There are a few new eateries there to try, a shopping mecca if you like shoes and there is the added bonus of a swim so we’ll keep you posted on tides.
Date is Sunday 22 March (rain date 29 March). The plan is to ride onto the 11am downtown ferry to Devonport and pick up ladies on the way, then follow the quieter Sunday roads to Takapuna, then on a smidge to Milford.


And stay tuned for the following:

  • EcoDay to celebrate the end of EcoWest (separate from EcoFest) – if anyone is keen to host a stall or do something cycle-related in New Lynn, please get in touch.
  • Bike Rave! Post daylight savings at Easter when its dark, the bikes come out to play…

As always if you know of any exciting events or would like to organise one, drop us a line at or post on the FB page


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