Oxford ride: 8 november and more

Happy Friday, Frocks on Bikers!
We have 2 excellent rides for you in November. Our Oxford rides takes us further out of the city than we have ever ventured to date. It promises to be packed with country treats! While car pooling can be done through face book, for those who dont do face book you can contact Connie directly on 021 127 79250. I’m making the most of the day by going out early on the nearby Whardale Track. People are welcome to come with but I shall be leaving at 7.15am! I have capacity for 4 bikes- phone 0278 848 6927.
I shall be posting more details about the exciting Climate Parade closer to the time.
On a more serious note, there are 3 cycle ways documents out or due out soon for consultation:
Little River – to the Hospital through Addington and Middleton from the southern motorway Rapanui –Shag Rock to town via Linwood
Papanui Parallell – Northlands mall to city (compliments railway cycleway) The links to the Little River-Hosptial one are attached.
Please submit that you like these (if you in fact do) with some polite, encouraging improvements as you see fit. We may be up against decenting voices which, if they are the majority, may stymie the whole process! Looking forward to seeing lots of you out on our rides this month. Meg andConnie and Fi (Oxford hostess)

Frocks on Bikes October2015.pdf
Little River cycle way consultation and submission links.pdf