Hutt Road Consultation

Consultation on the Hutt Road cycleway closes today at 5pm. See our submission below for ideas and make your own submission on this hugely important piece of infrastructure here:
It’ll only take 5 minutes but every voice counts!

Hutt Road Cycleway Submission

Dear Wellington City Council Cycling team

I am writing on behalf of Frocks on Bikes. We aim to get more women on bikes in everyday life.  We would like to show our support for the proposed design of the Hut Road Cycleway.  

We support the proposal to remove hazards from the cycleway, remove parking and to separate people walking from people on bikes, as reflected in our response in the electronic form.  The addition of speed-bumps to entrances and exits of parking lots is also a good idea.  

We have a few questions about cycling culture and attitudes towards cyclists. We anticipate that once this cycleway is built there will be more cyclists and the potential for a  broader range of cycling types on the route.  The path is currently used by high numbers of long-distance commuters and sports cyclists, but I’m sure that there would be residents in Ngaio and Khandallah who could be converted to cycling, as well as Wellingtonians who would use the route to access shops along Hutt Road.  How will you encourage residents of Wellington to use the cycleway, especially once it connects safely to the city?   How will you ensure that the community will respond positively to the additional cyclists?  Also, how will you ensure drivers are aware of cyclists on the route – both at driveway entrances/exits and at the complex intersection at Ngauranga gorge and noting that cyclists (still) travel both ways on the cycleway?

Frocks on Bikes is happy to help. We can promote the route, could organise a ride to the opening day for the route and arrange a ride soon after opening to promote its everyday use.

The ‘Pink Path’ has created such a positive and exciting vibe for cycling in Auckland. It has also been really well used. It would be wonderful to create a similar buzz in Wellington. We are not suggesting that the Hutt Road Cycleway is such a flagship route, nor that it should be painted pink but we would encourage the council to consider a route or routes that might be.

We are excited about the prospect of safer cycling infrastructure in Wellington.  Thank you for considering our ideas.