Frocks on Rail Trail this Sunday 31 July

Good Morning, Frocks on Bikes

Four days out and the weather looks like it will be reasonably kind to us for our intrepid Little River Rail Trail ride. No rain and the ride is ON! The challenging side wind across the lagoon (a sou’ wester) will turn to our advantage when it blows us from behind beside Lake Forsyth, if is to believed.
Please confirm with me 027 8486 927 if you need a ride back to your car from Little River. Also, please get in contact if you want a ride out to the start of the trail, wherever you intend to start. Two vehicles leave our place in Beckenham at 9am – there are 3 places left for people and bikes.
Here are maps for the various meeting points (attached as far as I can make out!). The times are approximate and I would expect us to be late rather than early… Don’t forget a good jacket it might be a tad chilly.

Yours, Meg

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Maps of meeting places for Rail Trail event.pdf