6 reasons the world needs frocksonbikes

From Treehugger: Most bike commuters find that the negative assumptions they had about bike commuting are mostly false. This goes double for women, who might find that riding in high heels is easier than walking in them; a special wardrobe is not necessarily required (though fun); and that biking boosts a sense of freedom in ways a car no longer can. Benefits to women are multiple, and the benefits to society are just as big. Read on for how we all get dividends when women take to their bikes.

more here: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/06/6_reasons_we_ne.php

Photo - Andy Morley-Hall
Photo – Andy Morley-Hall

1. The World Will Be Better Looking.
2. There is Safety in Numbers.
3. Sweat Equity
4. Style Over Speed.
5. More Women Bikers Mean the Infrastructure Has Matured..
6. For Complete Streets.


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