Top 10 Gorgeous Bicycles for Stylish Ladies

This frockilicious bicycle tit-bit is curtesy of Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Welcome to Bicycle Culture 2.0, world.


Most of our mothers taught us rightly to sit up straight and the very first bicycles in the heady days surrounding the dawn of Bicycle Culture 1.0, back in the late 1800’s, were designed with comfort and ease in mind. They were a far cry from the sports freaky toys like the Penny Farthing and they were, not surprisingly, quickly dubbed ‘Safety’ bicycles.

Your centre of gravity is more sensible and natural on an upright Safety. The step-through frame invites elegance and easy mounting and dismounting. The Safety is, in many ways, a design freak. In 130 years, few people have succeeded in improving on the design, so perfect is it. Simple and efficient.

The design of the Safety lives on 130-odd years later. It thrives like wildflowers in some countries in Europe and in Asia and is as rare as a tropical orchid in others. Nevertheless, it’s out there, it’s not going anywhere and it is now the ultimate transport option for those who choose style over speed. It is, quite simply, a modern urban status symbol.

We here at Cycle Chic figured we’d make a little Top 10 list of the proper upright bicycles that we find most aesthetic, stylish and just plain gorgeous. They may not be available near you, but you just tell your local bike shop to grow a brain. Now hitch up your skirts and onto the saddle… we’re off. When we dismount, tell me which bike YOU prefer on the list. Just for fun.

Click here to see the list

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