Wrap up, Frockers!

Brrrr… Welcome to Winter!

Winter is officially HERE, and makes moving around our fair city just that little bit more challenging. However, that’s no reason to have to forego the style and convenience of Frocking your way around town on your bicyclette. And one of the best things about Winter – besides mulled wine – is being able to wear all those fantastic accessories you love: the gloves, the scarves, the boots, that great coat-and-belt combo… on your bike!

Copenhagen Winter Style
No-one knows how to do this better than our sisters in Copenhagen.

For a giggle, see <Emporio Armani’s take on (men’s) cycling fashion. Yowzah!

And the convenience factor of Frocking around still holds. When less fortunate people are waiting, frozen, for steamy, germ-filled buses (which seem to be even more erratic when it’s cold), you zoom past on your own timetable – sporting a pretty glow in your cheeks! When the less enlightened are sitting frustrated in endless queues of cars, spending on petrol just to stay still (and getting more and more irritated), you sail past the queues and park wherever you like.

That said, we’re not in denial of the single-digit temperatures, nor the Southerly gales that remind you there’s nothing between little Aotearoa and big old Antarctica. However, with a little bit of help from Frocks On Bikes you can keep your freedom and stay styley this winter.

We have a great range of things planned for winter that’ll warm the cockles of your heart, keep your pulse beating and – when it really gets nasty out there and the only thing for it is to batten down the hatches and stay under a roof – we’ve got cosy indoor excursions planned as well as cool stuff you can do in the comfort and warmth of your own home.

Here’s some of what Frocks On Bikes has for you this fresh new financial year…


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