Media Release from Frocks on Bikes “Frocktober 2010”

Media Release from Frocks on BikesSubject:

Frocktober2 November 2010

Cycle Style win ends a month of frocking

“Frocktober,” the month of celebrating spring cycle style and fun all over New Zealand, has ended on a high with Frock on Bikes Auckland winning the Best Cycle Promotion in the ASB Cycle – Friendly Awards 2010 for Cycle Style Auckland, a fashion show celebrating the combination of women, fabulous bikes and New Zealand fashion design.

Frocks On Bikes, the nationwide movement promoting cycling in style for women,  has had a full programme of events during “Frocktober “. Frocks “flocks” in Rotorua, New Plymouth, Hastings, Auckland and Wellington celebrated the start of Spring with Frocktober events ranging from cup cake picnic rides to a  “Swing into Spring” event which culminated in swing dance lessons.

Wellington Frocks On Bikes celebrated Frocktober with Wheel Stylish, a cycle chic fashion show inspired by Cycle Style Auckland.  Over 170 stylish Wellingtonians flocked to the Atrium of the new BNZ Harbour Quay Building, and were wowed by a Wellington first: a full fashion parade where every model is on a bike.  Frocks On Bikes spokeswoman Isabella Cawthorn says, “We were thrilled to be showcasing fantastic local fashion houses and bike suppliers, and that long-time chic cyclist Celia Wade-Brown chose Wheel Stylish as her first official engagement as Mayor of Wellington.”

Cycle Style Auckland co-organiser Pippa Coom says “Frocks on Bikes Auckland is delighted to win the 2010 Best Cycle Promotion award for Cycle Style Auckland.  We intend to make it an annual event as the huge audience in the middle of winter demonstrated that putting bikes and fashion together really appeals to women who want to use their bikes for transport and to look good doing it.”

“Both Cycle Style Auckland and Wellington’s Wheel Stylish showcased a wide range of step- through or city bikes that are everywhere in Europe and Asia, but have only become available in New Zealand in the last couple of years.  They’re great because they are easy riding and are more fashion-friendly for stylish everyday cycling ” says Ms Coom.

Frocks on Bikes events continue around the country with exciting events planned throughout the summer.  There’ll be plenty of opportunities to have fun cycling in style – visit to find out more and meet a Frocks On Bikes flock near you.

Isabella Cawthorn
Pippa Coom

Full details of the Cycle Friendly Awards at

Cycle Style Auckland video at

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