We’re delighted to be the first flock outside New Zealand!

The flock assembled for the first Frocks On Bikes event in Melbourne on 30 January. Photo by Jonathan White

Frocks on Bikes Melbourne has gone into hibernation as we organising types are a bit overcommitted with work and study and soforth. We’d be glad to pass on admin duties to interested frockers – let us know at if you’re keen. We will still post every now and then on Facebook or  Twitter under @bikefrocks_melb.

Did you see us in The Age on 23 January?


Past events:

21 June 2012: Ride to Parliament to protest Victorian Government bike funding cut. Meet 7.15am at the Edinburgh Gardens Rotunda or meet us there. Frock up and get angry!


5 July 2012, 6:30-10:30pm: Sound of Music Singalong at Long Play, 318 St Georges Rd North Fitzroy. Meet 6pm at the Edinburgh Gardens Rotunda for a 7pm screening. Drinks and snacks available from the bar.


13 May 2012: Coffee run for Mother’s Day and Cyclofemme

10 March 2012: Bikefest Village Picnic Ride at Abbotsford Convent

22 January 2012: Frocks on Bikes IN SPACE! A tour through the Solar System, AKA the Melbourne Constellation in St Kilda.

4 December 2011: Westside Story Redux.

9 October 2011: Westside Story (somewhat truncated… will be repeated when weather is better)

9 July 2011: Reide to Heide

4 June 2011:  Northside Garage Sale Trail

6 March 2011: International Women’s Day market and picnic ride

30 January 2011: Inaugural ride followed by croquet and Pimm’s

17 thoughts on “Melbourne

    • Just the one group so far, Pam, but we’re pan-Melbournic. We’ve been north, east, west and now south. Hope you can join us sometime!

  1. Please include me on your email list. I’ll bring my bike to Melbourne just to don a frock & join you……lycra free!

  2. Would love to join in, can’t activate the like button on Facebook though, can you send me a link to your Facebook account please
    Thank you, Marie

  3. Great article in the Ride On magazine. I have tagged a Frocks on Bikes event as a fantastic idea for Hervey Bay, possibly around Bike Week time next year. (Check out our photo on fb spokesabout page, frocks and bikes taken in NZ)

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