Frocks on Bikes in Rotorua is in full swing!

Natasja has taken over from Kylie at the helm and is busy organising frockilicious events. If you want to know what’s coming up, send her an email below and she’ll keep you in the loop.

If you want to see what’s been happening, check out the link in the right hand column or click here.

Email us if you’re keen to join the Rotorua Flock

6 thoughts on “Rotorua

    • We’re all about looking styley on bikes – if we look good and want to wear our frocks we can but it’s about riding in whatever you want to wear!

      Boys shouldn’t feel they gotta frock up to come support us – they can wear whatever styley threads they like. Unless of course they think they look their best in a frock -then they can frock up and frock on!

  1. Hello fabulous frockers of Rotorua!

    Tauranga has just formed a new flock and we have organised an inaugural ride on Jan 19th at the Mount. We would like to invite Roto frockers to come up and ride with us! Would be great to meet some of you and for us to join you on some of your fun events. Love the photos on your page. Check out our new Bay of Plenty web page for more information about our event.

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