Oxford ride: 8 november and more

Happy Friday, Frocks on Bikers!
We have 2 excellent rides for you in November. Our Oxford rides takes us further out of the city than we have ever ventured to date. It promises to be packed with country treats! While car pooling can be done through face book, for those who dont do face book you can contact Connie directly on 021 127 79250. I’m making the most of the day by going out early on the nearby Whardale Track. People are welcome to come with but I shall be leaving at 7.15am! I have capacity for 4 bikes- phone 0278 848 6927.
I shall be posting more details about the exciting Climate Parade closer to the time.
On a more serious note, there are 3 cycle ways documents out or due out soon for consultation:
Little River – to the Hospital through Addington and Middleton from the southern motorway Rapanui –Shag Rock to town via Linwood
Papanui Parallell – Northlands mall to city (compliments railway cycleway) The links to the Little River-Hosptial one are attached.
Please submit that you like these (if you in fact do) with some polite, encouraging improvements as you see fit. We may be up against decenting voices which, if they are the majority, may stymie the whole process! Looking forward to seeing lots of you out on our rides this month. Meg andConnie and Fi (Oxford hostess)

Frocks on Bikes October2015.pdf
Little River cycle way consultation and submission links.pdf

A newsletter for August Frocks on Bikes (Christchurch)

Hi Everyone
There are so many snippets of bike-related news that I thought Iwould “throw together” (meaning faff around for way too long) a wee newletter for August! Enjoy your read… maybe there won’t be a next time… who knows?
Connie and I hope to see you at one or more of these events, especially the Market2Market Ride. For updates google our fabook page
As always, do let me know if you want to unsubscribe AND if you have an ideafor a ride, or news of an event that sounds too frocking amazing to miss. Meg 🙂
Frocks on bikes Newsletter August 2015.pdf

Cargo Bike Rally (Christchurch)

Frockers- Come and join in Christchurch’s (Mark ll) premier cargo bike rally around North Hagley Park this Saturday. The drought finally ended the last time we tried this!
Bring your tadpoles, bike trailers, stretched bikes, Bakfiets, or any other pedal-powered vehicle that can take more than a couple of saddle bags. Riders with standard bikes are totally welcome to join in and be inspired by what can be carried with pedal power.
If you want or borrow a bike trailer for the day ring/txt Steven Muir 021-061-9296.
I’ve still loads of useful bikewise stuff to give away.
Meet: Meet outside Canterbury Museum
When: 10:00am, Saturday 11th May 2013
Dress Theme: Tweed (our May ride annual tradition)

Christchurch – celebrate winter riding and ‘winterise’ your bike

Hey Frockers!

We may be past the shortest day, but we’ve still got the longest, coldest part of winter to go!  Our Winter Solstice Ride (21st June) proved that riding in the dark and cold is not impossible, in fact its quite fun and invigorating. One of our group counted way over 100 riders and we made quite a spectacle as we sparkled and twinkled fore and aft around Hagley!

If you’re not a regular winter rider and want to embrace the change, maybe you should consider “winterising” your bike: Here’s some quotes from Velo-Ideal

The essentials:

• Full length mud guards supplied and fitted: From $75

• Good quality LED lights supplied and fitted front and back: From $60  

And nice to haves:

• Chain lubricated: From $10

• New tyres fitted: From $90*

• Brake pads replaced: From $45

• Cushioned handlebar tape supplied and fitted (much warmer to hold): From $45

All up this comes to $325. Not a huge cost when you consider that it costs the same as a WOF, rego and a tank of petrol. And if you’re riding and not taking the car, well that’s the only excuse you need to buy yourself a puffer jacket and possum fur boots

*Worn tyres with casing showing are more prone to punctures and less grippy, but, interestingly, tyre tread is irrelevant on paved surfaces. Sheldon Brown and Jobst Brandt explain it succinctly. Wet metal plates, paint stripes, and railway/tram tracks are incorrigibly slippery no matter the season!

Christchurch – Winter Solstice ride

Hi All you Frockstars and welcome to new members

I’ve got you some more details about the Winter Solstice Ride, including a  long range weather forecast that actually gives us a spot of fine weather for our ride (only at the time of writing, mind!) .

Here’s the deal: We meet at the Armagh Street Gates into Hagley Park at 5.30pm this Thursday-21st June. Be sure to bling out your bike with as many lights as you can.

We ride anti-clock wise around the park (on the path or the road- your choice) eventually following a well kept secret and very dark path behind the hospital. We’lll eventually pop out near the Pegasus Arms where you can thaw out over hot food or chill out over a cold drink.

This ride is not exclusively a Frocks on Bikes ride, but is in collaboration with Spokes and Tweed Riders and pretty much the cycling fraternity in Chch. The ride is suitable for your young ones.

Be sure to sign the cycling petition at http://cyclingchristchurch.co.nz/ which gives you a voice in urban design for a better cycling city, and to like frocks at  http://tiny.cc/hfn6x

More chit chat about this ride is at https://www.facebook.com/events/379482075432654/