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Flocking and Food

Frocks On Bikes delights in Wellington’s undisputed status as the Cafe Capital of Aotearoa.

Our bikes bring even the furthest-flung cafes within easy reach, and open up the city to us!

Armed with our bike-locks, high caffeine tolerance and discerning appetites, we regularly sally forth en flock to enjoy the fantastic establishments found right throughout the city.

We do Lunchtime Promenades to fit within the respectable working lunchtime: pop across town to a great cafe, enjoy lunch, nip back to work – easy as pie!

In summer these include spontaneous swim-and/-or- icecream beach jaunts to Oriental Bay.  All it takes is keeping a spare pair of togs and a towel at work, and you can be the envy of your colleagues: sea-refreshed and sun-kissed all afternoon!

We do Brunch Rides – a relaxed start on Saturday or Sunday, cruise out to one of the excellent suburban eating houses, and enjoy leisurely and super-social brunches in style.  Meet great people from all over the city and enjoy the match made in heaven: a fun and social ride plus excellent food and coffee.

We do Frocknics – organised rides to places of beauty where we enjoy great food and company al fresco in gorgeous surroundings.  As close as our own Botanic Gardens… as far as the beautiful Wairarapa!

Tweed Ride turned Frocknic (photo: Gert Verhoog)


Frock-nic in the Wairarapa

A flock of 23 Frockers and hangers-on enjoyed an awesome bike ride in the Wairarapa, on Sunday 6 December. The following roundup is thanks to the fantastic Patrick from CAN, who organised the Frock-nic for Frocks On Bikes.

“It was pretty idyllic to ride on quiet country roads with trees and the river and wineries around us instead of buildings and busses. We took a great leisurely pace with stops for picnic-ing, dipping toes in the river, and for wine tasting! I especially loved riding with three generations on a combination of tandem, tailgator, seat on crossbar and single bikes.”

It seems that everyone loves a flock of picnicking Frockers, as lots of helpful people made the day run smoothly. Patrick says: “We called ahead and the helpful people at Tranzmetro added a carriage to cart our bikes. Even the tandems went on without a hitch. $35 return for each group of four, and the bikes ride for free. Now that’s a bargain! Martin at Wild Oats Cafe in Carterton brought his big oil can out so we (well, our steeds) were well lubed, and said he would lay on free bananas and chilled water if we call ahead next time.” At the gorgeous Gladstone Vineyard, Leo can arrange wine tasting and lunch platters for incoming Flocks.”

FYI, Frock-Friendly people for future Frock-nics are… Dahlina at Tranzmetro: (04) 498-3103, Leo at Gladstone: 06 379-8563,  Martin at Wild Oats Cafe: 06 379-5580

Watch this space:

  • Frocks is giving the glad-eye to superb Wellington initiative Conscious Consumers. We’re a pretty discerning bunch – we like our coffee fair trade and our eggs from happy chooks – and we love to eat and drink and socialise.   It looks like a perfect partnership to us!
  • Frockers are cooking up plans for dinner rides – an excellent initiative from out in the Flock that we’re jumping on.  We can’t give away too much, but think exciting ethnic cuisine plus live music… and watch this space!

Keen to join Frocks for a leisurely brunch (or dinner, or breakfast) ride? Or to lead one to your favourite establishment? Let us know!

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