Frocks On Bikes is a unique cycle advocacy organisation that aims to get more women on bikes in everyday life.   Through a Wellington-based “mothership” and many “flocks” across Australasia, Frocks On Bikes holds accessible events and provides services to get regular women onto bikes.

How it all began

Read the fascinating story of how Frocks On Bikes was born… a sunny morning, a sea of lycra and mountainbike clothes, a meeting of eyes…. And find out why the frock!

Why it’s so great

Freedom, mobility, convenience, style … the list goes on – It’s obviously good for us as individuals. Find out more!

How we roll

Since the inaugural ride in December 2008 and our award in 2009 the Frocks On Bikes phenomenon has spread through Aotearoa. Our kaupapa or manifesto is the guiding document for the Frocks On Bikes movement. Read it here! You can also learn about how Frocks on Bikes is organised and how we get funding.

Frocks On Bikes’ policy on topical topics

Read about Frocks On Bikes’ views on issues such as helmets, the road code, and infrastructure.

Internationally interesting

Frocks On Bikes’ unique modus operandi and our influence in New Zealand’s tough circumstances make an interesting story – especially if you’re an urban cycling expert.

Frocks was invited to present at the prestigious VeloCity international urban cycling conference in 2013.  Thanks to funds from our partners and a generous Pledgeme campaign, Christina Bellis flew to Vienna and talked to the assembled experts about the unique phenomenon that is Frocks On Bikes.

Check out what makes New Zealand’s story interesting to foreigners, and some results of Christina’s presentation, here.

We’ve been invited again in 2014 – to talk about our cycle fashion shows (e.g. Wheel Stylish and Cycle Chic).

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