Previous Wellington Events

Here’s coverage of our two biggest annual events, Wheel Stylish and Love To Roll.

But We get up to heaps of other frockin’ great shenanigans in Wellington. Pick your theme – and click on the text to see more.

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Love to Roll 2012

Frocks On Bikes’ famous Valentine’s “date ride” 

Click here for more photos from Love to Roll 2012

Wheel Stylish – the only fashion show on wheels! 

Click here for all the goodness of two years of cycle chic as Frocks On Bikes makes the runway… a cycleway.

Love To Roll – the Valentine’s Ride

Click here to see how Wellingtonians turn out as Lovers To Roll – celebrating summer, love and cycling with Frocks On Bikes

Looking for Love To Roll 2012? Click here!

Ye Olde(r) Wellington events

Days Bay to the Dowse

It was Frocks On Bikes’ first official Hutt Valley event!

On Saturday 12 March, in glorious sunshine, they donned their  best frocks – their hippest pants – and grabbed bikes of all shapes and sizes.

Rendezvous was at Williams Park in Days Bay at 11am, after which a flock of frockers took a leisurely cruise round the gorgeous bays to Petone…and on up the fantastic Hutt River Trail to The Dowse Art Museum.

Congratulations to Holly and Lisa for the triumph!

The 350 Climate Change Day of Action Festival

Saturday 24th October 2008 was the worldwide day for people to raise their voices in all manner of ways and say “We, Normal and Cool People, want serious action on climate change!”

350 Wellington organised a day of great events, and the Frocks were out in force – riding around the Great Harbour Way, getting down at the Festival HQ, indulging in picnickery and slow bike races and social intercourse of all kinds, and showing our support for meaningful action on climate change.

It was a glorious day and a triumph for 350 – see’s site for photos!  There are some amazing ones…

Welly Frockers add sparkle to giant 350

On Saturday 22nd August cyclists of all stripes (and spots, and textures) gathered on Wellington’s Waterfront to form a giant “350” with homegrown cycling celebrity Kashi Leuchs. It kicked off’s campaign of events leading up to the Conference of the Parties to the Climate Convention, in Copenhagen in December. Kashi is’s newest Climate Ambassador, having retired from the world of professional mountain biking to do what he loves and fight for the climate at the same time! This is the first in a series of exciting events is running this year. Frocks On Bikes will be adding some glamour to them all! Photos are here…

Maintenance Basics Workshop

The very Frocker-friendly On Yer Bike (Vivian St) ran a special, women-only, free session of their very popular basic bike maintenance workshops, and it was an incredibly eye-opening evening. About 20 of us showed up with varying levels of technical illiteracy but a shared keenness to learn and get independent on the road (and partake of the free nibbles). The fabulous Nigel, with his lovely assistant the Specialized Ruby (looking dazzling in lacquered white with glittering red accents), took us through a very thorough lesson with interactive highlights. They demonstrated everything from whipping your wheels on and off, changing a tyre and tube on the roadside, fixing a puncture (take a spare when you ride and do your punctures in front of the telly!), through to taking care of your faithful steed. Who knew – CRC spray-lube actually takes grease off your bike?! And water – yes, just water – is the most damaging thing your bike can come in contact with (except, obviously the Porsche Cayenne navigated by a righteous Khandallah soccer mum). And, perhaps not surprisingly, it takes way less time to fix a punctured tube on the roadside (let alone just swap it for your spare) than it takes to extract your boyfriend / Dad / uncle Gerald / flatmate from in front of the TV and get them out to do it for you. Turns out it’s super-easy, cheap and actually quite fun to keep your bike running sweetly and efficiently. It’s also super-easy and really satisfying to know you can handle breakdowns all on your ownsome. And after all, they’re way less likely to happen to your sweetened machine! If you missed this workshop, On Yer Bike have more scheduled – RSVPhere. (In case you didn’t know, the lovely Marjolein (yes, a real live girl bike shop staffer!) leads a great women’s bunch ride on Saturday mornings, that leaves the Vivian St shop at 8am. Join the pack!)

Climate Change Action Festival

A really bad video which captures the spirit of the Wellington Inaugural Frockstock And some lovely photos taken by the talented Andy Morley-Hall

Cuba Carnival Wellington

Frocks On Bikes sends our most heartfelt thanks to all the people who helped us make such a spectacular appearance in this year’s Cuba St Carnival Night Parade. A frockin’ big Thankyou! goes out to… …Dean Conlan of Groove FM, for spreading the word about FOB’s upcoming antics far and wide across the airwaves …Tony Christie of the Enormous Crocodile Company, for the trusting loan of a crocodile bike to carry our banner … Joern Scherzer, for lending us the fantastic rocket recumbent bike …Paul and Jonathan Kennett, for the loan of the Wonder Women’s triple-tandem and the penny farthing – and for the riding lessons! …Duncan Pratt and Barry Middleton of Te Papa, for helping us house our iron horses (and the iron giraffe) …Angela Campbell of the Wellington Triathlon Club, for being willing to lend us bike parking for the masses. Frocks On Bikes *hearts* you all!


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