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Up-coming Frockilicious Events – June 21st 2012, Winter Solstice Ride

Hi, all you Frockstars and welcome to new members

I’ve got you some more details about the Winter Solstice Ride, including a  long range weather forecast that actually gives us a spot of fine weather for our ride (only at the time of writing, mind!) .

Here’s the deal: We meet at the Armagh Street Gates into Hagley Park at 5.30pm this Thursday-21st June. Be sure to bling out your bike with as many lights as you can.

We ride anti-clock wise around the park (on the path or the road- your choice) eventually following a well kept secret and very dark path behind the hospital. We’lll eventually pop out near the Pegasus Arms where you can thaw out over hot food or chill out over a cold drink.

This ride is not exclusively a Frocks on Bikes ride, but is in collaboration with Spokes and Tweed Riders and pretty much the cycling fraternity in Chch. The ride is suitable for your young ones.

Be sure to sign the cycling petition at which gives you a voice in urban design for a better cycling city, and to like frocks at

More chit chat about this ride is at


Who are we?

Frocks On Bikes Christchurch are about encouraging the Garden City’s women to see cycle commuting as the obvious transport option in our beautiful- and FLAT – urban landscape.

Christchurch women can cycle every day, in our normal and beautiful clothing – let’s debunk the myth that you need special gear to enjoy biking!

It’s easy and fun to be funky and sustainable, and it’s particularly great in our gorgeous green city.

Good news travels fast: we’re already in the media!  Have a squiz at our article!

Give us a shout to join the Flock in New Zealand’s cycle-friendliest city.

Frock on, and blow a cheeky kiss to the tempestuous winter weather!

15 thoughts on “Christchurch

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  3. Enjoyed the ‘tweed ride’ today. Please add us to your mailing list for future events.
    Regards Martin

    • Hi Martin and Linda

      Great to have you both along for the rde. It was fun!
      We have some great things planned for the next few weeks so I hope you can come to some of them. There will be an email out later this week-or early next, just need to finalise a few details.
      On that subject, I could not glean your email address from your posted comment so could you please let me know what it is and I can add it to our distribution list.


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  5. Hi, I saw an flyer for an upcoming event (I think!) but I can’t find it online. Can you email details about this or any upcoming events you run? I also have a few awkward questions I want to ask someone, but not published online! If there is anyone I can email, that would be great 🙂

  6. What a fun day out at the Ch Ch Santa Parade! Us frockers had a great afternoon, dressed up to the 9’s, showing Canterbury what real bikes look like!!! We had a great turn out with an amazing variety of bikes, trailers, dogs, dresses, kids! Well done Meg for organising us all once again. Really looking forward to some photos!!!

  7. Hi Meg,

    Pauline and I would like to join your group as it sounds fun!

    Can you please add our names to your mailing list.

    Many thanks!

    Kind regards,


  8. Hi, can you tell me when the 2011 event will be – I am co-ordinating people at the Waimakiriri District Council for Girls on Bikes 2012 and think your event would definitely be something they would also be keen to attend! Please send me any information and put me on your emailing list, thanks.

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