Why cycling is so great

Freedom, mobility, convenience, style … the list goes on – It’s obviously good for us as individuals.

But there’s strong evidence of benefits for everyone. The evidence shows things change like this:

  • When on the everyday streets you see more women on bikes, wearing whatever they like (even frocks, if they want!) and riding like courteous, regular people, bikes become more mainstream and acceptable as transport.
  • More women riding, means more of everyone else starting to ride (women are strong trend-drivers).
  • Bike transport becomes even more normal.  And the urban planners, city businesses, transport planners, decision-makers who shape our cities start to make them more bike-friendly.
  • And the exciting bit: bike-friendly cities are liveable cities.  Their design and infrastructure isn’t just bike-friendly, it’s more people-friendly. Healthier. More future-proofed.  More sustainable.


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