Hawke’s Bay


Hawke’s Bay is a fantastic place to live, work, ride and play!  The Hawkes Bay “Frockers: Group started in 2010, we are affectionately known as the “Deco Bike Belles”.  This is because of our unique Deco history and influence in the style of Hawke’s Bay – cycling included.  Its a great way to encourage the restoration of old bikes, celebrate our history and create a diversity of bike culture.  Our most popular event is the “Deco Bicyle Belles Ride” , part of the annual Art Deco Weekend in Napier in Feb each year.

At the end of the day is all about woman and cycling regardless of your dress, age or bike style – we encourage anyone and everyone – in a frock that is!  Sometimes we do family rides and welcome all.  The more the merrier 🙂  Check out some of our stylish chics from previous events.

Contact Hawkes Bay Frockers at:  hbfrockers@gmail.com

11 thoughts on “Hawke’s Bay

  1. so sorry i missed this amazing event, due to work commitments i could not be there maybe next year i hope.See you on the 10th in Havelock North. I will be starting from the info centre if anybody would like to come join me, that would be great.

  2. Hi Frocks Hawkes Bay

    I was up your way at Easter- shame on me for not getting in touch!

    Hey, are you lot planning a big shebang for Frocktober? We chchfrockers thought that it may be a stunning concept to do a coordinated frocker event all over NZ sometime in October- maybe look for a national sponsor well? Would be great for the media. Anyhoo, I can sort out a teleconference soonish so if you are keen, let me know! (thinking midday, Thursday 13th May. perhaps evening may be better for you?)

    Meg (Chch frocker)

  3. Would love all further updates for the Hawkes Bay region. Do you just rock up on the day of the event or do you need to register?
    Regards Di Moorhead

    • Hi Di, Sorry for the delay in response. Yes just keep an eye on the website for updates for events etc and just come along. I will add your email to our database too. Cheers Vicki

  4. Picnic For the Planet – Clive River – Saturday 24th Sept 1pm
    A Moving Day event

    Join together at our Picnic for the Planet, at Clive River (Hastings side) on Saturday 24th September, 1pm
    Come by bike, foot, pony or paddle and bring a picnic. Bring your friends and family for a fun ride, yummy food and time to chat about how we can move toward a sustainable low carbon future.

    “The Hastings cycleways initiative are a great step forward towards a sustainable future. Now it’s up to people to reduce their CO2 consumption by using the cycleways and getting active. The flooding in Pakistan, rising oceans around Kiribati, and local extreme weather events will only get worse if we don’t take action to reduce our carbon footprint. Returning to CO2 levels of 350 is the goal. Every thing you do, every day, makes a difference” says Angela Hair, BayWatch HB spokesperson.

    Moving Day is a global initiative from 350.org to encourage the world’s citizens and political leaders to take action to prevent rising CO2 level through burning fossil fuels. You can sign the outline NZ petition on http://www.350.org.nz

    For more information Angela Hair 0274436737 or Liz remmerswaal 0273331066

  5. Hi, Im looking for somewhere that would be able to restore my fathers old bike from the 1930’s, could someone please send me in the right direction? Preferably somewhere in either the Nelson region, or Hamilton/Auckland. Thanks!

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