Street Savvy

The streets can be a jungle – everybody wants to get where they’re going, usually at the same time as you!

Check out The Friendly Cyclist to discover the amazing powers of courtesy.  If you want people to accommodate you on the road, the only way is to engage them nicely. But with a bit of street savvy you can take control of your daily commute and make it a calmer, more chilled-out experience. Read on!

Street Skills

Get yourself some bike-handling and defensive riding skills so you don’t bat an eyelash when (not if!) something unexpected happens on your ride.



“Street Skills” is a name for courses Frocks On Bikes have organised, tailored for women communters.  Your local flock may organise skills courses, or cooperate with a certified trainer.  Ask if the courses are targeted at short-distance commuting for non-cyclists, and if they’re delivered by women.  (It really makes a difference!)

Street Skills courses comprise two hours of off-road and on-road group training in bike-handling and defensive riding. They’re tailored for urban commuting, and provided by experienced and certified cycle skills trainers from En VeloIt’s the cheapest, fastest way to get street superpowers!

Get info about the next Street Skills course!

Your Road Rights and Responsibilities

What’s “passing on the inside” and is it illegal? What about riding on the pavement? And what if you’re stuck at a red light for ages?

Tell your local Flock if you’re interested in attending a Road Rights and Responsibilities seminar.  These seminars answer all those curly questions – often with delicious food and drinks.

It can be confusing riding on the streets, especially when others are doing dodgy stuff!   Our Road Rights and Responsibilities seminars answer all those curly questions – with delicious food and drinks. Road Rights and Responsibilities seminars are delivered by long-time commuter and qualified cycle skills trainer Marilyn Northcotte.  They’re held on a weekday evening at a cool bar, café or restaurant, and are free to attend.

We schedule them depending on demand – mail us to register your interest.

Be Seen in Style

Style or safety?  You can have both!  You can be safely visible to other traffic in style – without looking like a road cone.

spotme coat

Contact your local flock to register your interest in a Be Seen In Style evening – a showcase of visibility accessories – or check out the Accessorise! page for stylish visibility ideas.

Not cycling?  That’s OK too!

So you don’t want to bike all the way from A to B? It’s totally OK to ride just as far as you like – then pick another transport mode for the rest of your trip.

Mix and match your biking with car, train, walk, ferry – whatever you like!

Your local area will have its own transport network options; in Wellington, for example, you can take a bike on the train for free most of the time.  Check out “Mix and match” on your local Flock’s page to make your journey suit you.

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