Love to Roll 2014 and Ciclovia!

The famous “date ride” is here again, celebrating summer, love and cycling!

IMG_1617Sunday 16th February is Love To Roll! Meet at Freyberg Beach at midday dressed for a date, with your loved one(s) and your bikes.  We’ll enjoy a cruisy ride around the bays to the first Wellington Ciclovía (see below) and you can win great prizes!

bike barn

Come on Love To Roll and you could win a brand
 new urban bike courtesy of the shiny new Bike Barn @ 65 Dixon St!
Lovers To Roll can also win “dinners for two” at Ortega Fish Shack and La Boca Loca! 

Ortega Fish Shack - logoLa Boca Loca final

We’ll be raffling the bike at the end of Love To Roll (Scorching Bay, ~1.30pm), along with our other awesome prizes of dinners for two at Ortega Fish Shack and La Boca Loca.
So bring some cash when you join Love To Roll so you can be in to win!

Want to join Love To Roll but don’t have a bike? No problem!

  • Wellington Wunderbike has dedicated their free loan bikes to Love To Roll participants on Sunday 16th – contact Pepper 02108269131 to arrange your loan
  • Hiring – pay only 25% of normal hire fees to hire a bike for Love To Roll from Waterfront Hires and Tours ($10 for 4 hours!)  AND the first four Love To Roll hirers win a brand new Nutcase helmet – all thanks to WCC and Frocks!  Email us once you’ve booked with Waterfront Hires and Tours –

Love To Roll destination: Miramar Ciclovía

‘What is a Ciclovía?’ you say. I’m glad you asked!

Ciclovía is a phenomenon that is taking the world by storm. It’s a simple concept – close a road to cars and open it to people. Free of traffic, Ciclovía allows people to experience their city in a whole new way.

From its roots in Colombia, to downtown Los Angeles, to Melbourne, to Waiheke Island, Ciclovía has finally made it to Wellington!

On Sunday 16 February from 1pm – 5pm, 3.5 kilometers of the Miramar Peninsula, from Shelly Bay to Scorching Bay, will be open for walkers, cyclists, and people on rollerblades, push scooters and in wheelchairs. It will be an opportunity to enjoy this lovely part of the Great Harbour Way without having to worry about traffic. A perfect occasion for families, people of all ages – bring your football / kite / frisbee / picnic – and grab coffee at the Chocolate Fish or Scorch-o-Rama cafes.

Watch our facebook page for more information and updates.

Ciclovia A5 Flyer

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