Find Friends

The best way to cycle  – like any other kind of transport – is with friends.

Frocks On Bikes Aotearoa has a Facebook page and group – but there are Flocks On Bikes “flocks” gathering all around the country, and the stylish cycling movement is spreading.

The best way to connect with other people who cycle in everyday style is via local events.

If there’s no Frocks On Bikes flock in your area, and you really love how we roll, you can start a flock yourself!

It’s easy – find out what’s involved.

There may be other cool stuff happening in your town that you can connect to, and there are lots of ways to encourage stylish cycling.  If there’s no Frocks On Bikes activity and you’re keen to take part in other like-minded groups, contact your local councils’ cycling and walking / sustainable transport staff.

Where the frock?

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