Wairarapa Frocknic – 14th March

Wairarapa Frocknic – Saturday 14th March

We’ll be catching the train with our steeds over the Rimutakas and going for a leisurely cruise round the scenic loveliness that is the Wairarapa.

Due to the limited space available on the train for storing bikes, it is essential that you RSVP to frocksonbikes@gmail.com to secure a spot on the train (with a return ride!). Reservations will be on a first come, first served basis.
Meet us at the Wellington railway station at 9.30am – nice and early so that our bikes are all on board ready for a 9.55am departure. Bring your folding bike if you have one as it will mean one more friend can join us (folding bikes can be stored in the main carriage)! Make sure you also have your train ticket ready to go too!

If you want to make your own way over and meet us there, please send us an email so we can let you know when and where we’ll be.

We will cruise north on the train, and likely hop off at Carterton. From here we have a leisurely loop ride planned which includes a picnic and swimming spot (bring kai and swim gears!).
The day will finish up by catching a return train, and arriving back in Wellington about 6.25pm.
If that sounds like your kind of Saturday, send us a quick reply confirming that you will be coming.

Love to Roll and Ciclovia – 16th Feb in Wellington

The famous “date ride” is here again, celebrating summer, love and cycling!


Sunday 16th February is Love To Roll! Meet atFreyberg Beach at middaydressed for a date, with your loved one(s) and your bikes.  We’ll enjoy a cruisy ride around the bays to the first Wellington Ciclovía (see below) and you can win great prizes!

Lovers To Roll can win prizes including “dinners for two” at Ortega Fish Shack and La Boca Loca! 

Ortega Fish Shack - logo
La Boca Loca final

Want to join Love To Roll but don’t have a bike? No problem!

  • Wellington Wunderbike has dedicated their free loan bikes to Love To Roll participants on Sunday 16th – contact Pepper 02108269131 to arrange your loan
  • Hiring – pay only 25% of normal hire fees to hire a bike for Love To Roll fromWaterfront Hires and Tours ($10 for 4 hours!)  AND the first four Love To Roll hirers win a brand new Nutcase helmet – all thanks to WCC and Frocks!  Email us once you’ve booked with Waterfront Hires and Tours – frocksonbikes@gmail.com

Love To Roll destination: Miramar Ciclovía

‘What is a Ciclovía?’ you say. I’m glad you asked!

Ciclovía is a phenomenon that is taking the world by storm. It’s a simple concept – close a road to cars and open it to people. Free of traffic, Ciclovía allows people to experience their city in a whole new way.

From its roots in Colombia, to downtown Los Angeles, to Melbourne, to Waiheke Island, Ciclovía has finally made it to Wellington!

On Sunday 16 February from 1pm – 5pm, 3.5 kilometers of the Miramar Peninsula, from Shelly Bay to Scorching Bay, will be open for walkers, cyclists, and people on rollerblades, push scooters and in wheelchairs. It will be an opportunity to enjoy this lovely part of the Great Harbour Way without having to worry about traffic. A perfect occasion for families, people of all ages – bring your football / kite / frisbee / picnic – and grab coffee at the Chocolate Fish or Scorch-o-Rama cafes.

Watch our facebook page for more information and updates.

Ciclovia A5 Flyer

Wheel Stylish 2013 – tickets on sale now!

Frocks On Bikes Wellington once again brings you a night to remember – stylish clothes and incredible bicycles, all in one perfect fashion show package.

1385901_10153318311605198_724228904_nWheel Stylish is local fashion in motion.

Showcasing new season style from Wellington’s hottest designers and boutiques, with every model on a beautiful bike. Nibbles from Logan Brown, drinks from Yealands’ wine, Panhead beer and All Good Organics/Karma Cola, plus a fashion show – bikes from Bicycle Junction and style from Design Cartel, Harry’s, Kilt, Mavis & Osborn, Missy’s Room, myboyfriendsback and Philippa&Alice – all for $20!

Thursday 14th November. 
Doors at 6pm, show at 7pm

Venue: Sustainability Trust, Forresters Lane, Te Aro (opposite Bunnings on Tory St).

Space is limited. Get your ticket by emailing frocksonbikes@gmail.com


Join the facebook event and see all the info at the page here

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

After one of the warmest winters on record, spring has finally arrived… along with some wet and wild weather. We’ve got a heaping helping of spring activity to get you back on your (w)heels. read on…

PARK(ing) Day on next wednesday (weather permitting)

On PARK(ing) Day each year, people round the world temporarily transform single street-side car parks into better things – like real, little parks, games spaces, public lounges, music areas, lunch spots…

What’s going on?

PARK(ing) Day is about the fact that cities are built for people, yet large swaths of urban space are dedicated to storing private vehicles. Large areas of city streets – including Wellington – are taken up by private cars that people park then walk away from.

How much cooler would our cities be if we could all use some of that space for free, public, attractive and fun things?

This year it’s (rescheduled for) Wednesday 25th September, and Wellington is in on it again! Wellington Sculpture Trust are the umbrella organiser coordinating with the City Council, and there are parks all over the city they’ve set aside from 8am til 8pm (during metered parking hours) for PARK(ing) Day.

Frocks and like-minded groups are creating two PARKs on Lower Cuba Street that demonstrate the efficiency of bike parking vs car parking, and celebrate how urban cycling is for everyone! Pop in and visit!

Here’s a link to the map and more (we’re number 12!)

If the weather turns nasty, it may be cancelled – updates on our facebook page.


Family Friendly City Fun Ride and Open Streets Day

All over the world people are opening up their streets for people to enjoy free of cars.

Join the first ever Open Streets event in Wellington CBD on Dixon Street and Lower Cuba between 1-4pm on Sunday 22 September.

Recapture the joy of playing in the street.

Bring your deck chairs, hopscotch and hacky sack, roller blades and bikes- plus your friends and family and transform the street scape.

This Sunday 22nd September, 12pm midday –
Ride from Parliament steps to Lower Cuba St via the waterfront. We will arrive at Lower Cuba Street to enjoy Open Street Sunday where Dixon and Lower Cuba St’s will be closed off for us to play!! Check out more details about the Family Ride HERE

Sounds pretty darn good to us! More info (and cancellations) about Open Street day on the facebook page.

Let’s get Political

Frocks on Bikes is proudly apolitical… we won’t tell you how to vote if you don’t tell us how to ride a bike in heels! 😉

But, seeing as local body elections are coming up, we think it’s worth making cycling an issue. The more people are talking about it (and asking questions, sending emails, signing petitions, etc), the more all the councillors and candidates will take cycling seriously. This is win-win for us – segregated cycle lanes are awesome, (as those of you who have experienced them overseas will know) and will get more people cycling, which makes it safer for everyone.

So what can you do?

  • Email councillors and those standing for council (scroll down for the list*) councillors tell them that YOU want them as councillors to (list quoted from the Love Cycling page);
  1. Have safe cycle routes to all schools and cycle lanes on all main recreational and commuter routes.
  2. Increase off road options for recreation and commuting that integrate with on road options.
  3. Dedicate a level of financial and human resources that reflect the popularity of biking and is equitable to that given to other transport, recreation and cultural infrastructure
  4. Allocate $24 per head in 2014 to improving cycling infrastructure(to see what WCC currently spends per head)

*Mayor and Councillors are listed at


Upcoming events…

We’ve got two great events coming up.

First up, we’re hooking up with the lovely gals at Wenches with Wrenches to tune up your bikes for Spring.

Who are these Wenches, you ask?
“Wenches With Wrenches is an afternoon of bike fixing, sharing knowledge, talking about cycling, socialising and tea drinking, hosted by some of the women mechanics at the Tempest. Just for those who are female-identifed or who fall somewhere on the queer/gay/trans/intersex/genderqueer/etc rainbow.”

Pencil in the 2nd of October for some awesome greasy bike fixin!

If you want to book your spot send us an email: frocksonbikes

Can’t wait? Check out their website for more info and opening times to get your bike fixed up sooner: Wenches with Wrenches


14 November 2013 – Save the date!
Frocks on Bikes presents “Wheel Stylish” – an evening of fashion in motion
We’ll be at a new venue, with new amazing fashion, and on new fabulous wheels, with awesome drinks and nibbles. It’s the bike fashion show of the year!

If you want to get involved in Wheel Stylish (as a model, designer or backstage helper) let us know.

Check out frocksonbikes to reserve your tickets

Breakaway Festival of Cycling is on in Upper Hutt

Lots of events throughout September. Check out the details here: http://www.breakaway.org.nz/


Our website has moved on permanently. These days you can find us here:
https://frocksonbikes.wordpress.com or on frocksonbikes.com

That’s all from us this time. Enjoy those evenings as they get longer and warmer… summer is right around the corner! In the meantime, join us on facebook, be sure to follow us on twitter and browse our website for more frockin’ inspiration.

Frock on!
Nicky, Bella, Leah, Christina & Hilleke

Road Rights and Responsibilities discussion/bar evening (Wellington)

Wednesday 24th July, 6pm

We all know it’s a jungle out there on the roads…. but when are we actually within our rights to do those quick cheeky manoeuvres that get us through the traffic… or in front of the slow cars…. and when are we actually breakin’ the law?  What should a savvy Frocker do to get around safely in the real Wellington streets, and what’s the ill behaviour we should avoid at all costs?

Find out the answers to all these questions and more:  join Frocks and the road-savvy guru (and everyday stylish bike-commuter) Marilyn Northcotte (of Pedal Ready fame) for the Road Rights & Responsibilities evening.

The evening will be held at Library Bar, where you can enjoy a nice beverage while finding out everything you ever wanted to know   – RSVP and you’ll have a chance to enjoy a treat!

There are limited spots available, so email us at frocksonbikes@gmail.com to get in!

Thanks to Marilyn and Pedal Ready for running this evening.

Pencarrow Frocknic

Celebrate the last of those lazy hazy days of summer with a frocknic to the Pencarrow Lighthouse. Bring your favourite picnic outfit, your bike, some fabulous picnic buddies or dog, partner, friend or just your bike, some picnic contributions and your togs! The road is unsealed but flat. We’ll take our time and enjoy the wonderful views across the harbour! On the way we’ll find a picnic spot, and perhaps go for a swim.

If you are coming from Wellington, the 10.30am ferry will get you there in plenty of time, and it is only 3km cycle further from Days Bay to the end of the road.

Date: Saturday 23 March

Time: Meet at 11.30am

Location: Burdan’s Gate, Eastbourne

Cost: FREE

Contact: Lisa Bridson on 04 569 4690 or 021 879 468

Hutt City Summer Events

This just in from Jan at the Hutt City Council:

We’ve got a couple of events coming up of interest to Frockers…

1.       Go by Bike Day Breakfast in Lower Hutt Wednesday 20 Feb – see flier attached.  (NB. this is a different day to the Wellington City GBBD, so you can go to both!) http://www.huttcity.govt.nz/en/Leisure–Culture/Huttscene-events/Event/Go-by-Bike-Breakfast/?sectionid=6708

2.       Cycle Safety Skills Saturday 16 Feb http://www.huttcity.govt.nz/en/Leisure–Culture/Huttscene-events/Event/Cycle-Safety-Skills—-Brought-to-you-by-Frocks-on-Bikes/?sectionid=6708

And other events in our ‘Summer of Cycling’ programme  http://www.huttcity.govt.nz/en/Leisure–Culture/Huttscene-events/Summer-of-Cycling-2013/


Wellington – Summer of Cycling

Love to Roll – 2nd March

Our annual Love to Roll date ride is here again on the 2nd of March. Join Frocks On Bikes for a fresh, fun and summery cruise to the Fringe Festival in the city (either busking circus show, Campground Chaos outside St Johns, or Wheels of Justice at Bike Barn – must pre-book tickets).
Love To Roll goes from sea to city this year, so dress for a date, bring company and meet at Lyall Bay (Maranui Cafe) at 11am for coffee before we roll for a leisurely ride to town.
And if this wasn’t enough, at Love To Roll 2013 we’ll be raffling amazing date prizes –  dinners for two in Welly’s finest eateries (Martin Bosley, Olive, Finc, Monterey and Sweet Mother’s Kitchen), a Beautiful Bike Bag AND a Giant Suede bike from Giant Wellington!
The deets:
Meet at 11am  for coffee, ready to roll at 12 noon, 2nd March at Maranui, Lyall Parade. Bring your keep cup and cash for raffle tickets or quick coffee orders.
Shows start 2pm – either outside St Johns for Campground Chaos, or Bike Barn for pre-booked Wheels of Justice tickets
Rain date: 9th March
Cancellations: keep an eye on our facebook page
More info: email frocksonbikes@gmail.com 
Tweed Ride in the Wairarapa – 3rd FebruaryDon your duchess dress, or plus fours and tweed blazer, for a fun day out to celebrate the opening of the final section of the Greytown to Woodside Trail on Sunday 3 February. The Greytown Trails Trust has organised Wairarapa’s first ever ‘Tweed Run’ to celebrate the recent completion of ‘Stage 2’ from Woodside Rd to the Station, and the three years of hard work that’s gone into creating the 5km Greytown to Woodside cycling and walking trail. The public – that’s us! – is invited to bring a picnic to the Tweed Run, and there’ll also be refreshments  on the Trail. The event will include prizes for best costumes, and dogs are welcome on a lead, either in costume or ‘au natural’.Sunday 3 February 2013, 11am onwards- meet by the Woodside railway station Woodside end of the Greytown-Woodside Trail
Rimutaka Rail Ride – 9th FebruaryGreater Wellington are organising a family friendly ride over the rail trail. They say: “Enjoy a long (17km) but family-friendly bike ride along the historic Rimutaka Rail Trail. Learn the history of the fell engine and enjoy a picnic and sausage sizzle at summit, site of an old railway village. Max 80 people for return shuttles.”See the GW website for more details
Bikewise month – 13th FebruaryFebruary is Bikewise month! We’ll try to keep you posted on all the events planned around Wellington. Keep an eye on our calendar for details, but frankly there’s so much great stuff happening you should check out the Bikewise Events page online. MUST DO EVENT! Ink it on your social calendar: ‘Go By Bike Day’ on the 13th of February. Free breakfast! Open to everyone with a bike, from 6.30am under the sails on Queens Wharf.

“Wellington’s annual Go By Bike Day breakfast is not to be missed and for 2013 its going to be even bigger! We’ve ordered a sunny day with no wind, a guy that will blend you a smoothie with his bicycle, a photography booth for a portrait of you and your bike and that’s just the beginning. Come along for the food, the fun, and the mighty good company. Oh yeah, and the bikes.”
Evening movie ride – 20th FebruaryFrocks on Bikes loves Wellington’s summer events – and what better way to get to them than on two wheels?! Join us for an evening ride (route TBC on the night) before spreading the picnic blankets and opening the drinks at Waitangi Park for a cool Film by Starlight.The details:
20th Feb – Meet for a pre-movie ride at 7pm at the north side of the Wharewaka (near Taranaki St). We’ll cruise the waterfront to stretch our legs before settling in at Waitangi Park for Searching for Sugarman. (We know these movies are always packed out, so we’ve planned it to stake out a good spot)If the movie is cancelled, then the ride will be too. Keep an eye on the WCC website or facebook.Bring picnic blankets, food, wine, bike lights and something warm for after dark.

Street Skills goes to the Hutt

Saturday 16 February | 1pm – 4pm

Frocks on Bikes invites women to this 3-hour workshop where you can learn essential skills for riding safely and confidently on urban roads.

You’ll be on the street in Petone, learning how to interact with traffic and negotiate intersections, in a real-life situation with a qualified instructor. Bicycle, helmet and pre-registration required.


Meet at Wilford School, William Street Petone



More information

Contact HCC road safety coordinator

Jan Simmons 04 570 6730,

email roadsafety@huttcity.govt.nz


Urban Street Skills (Wellington) – only 2 more courses to go!

Get skilled up and street savvy with the wonderful Marilyn from En Velo. These courses are designed to get you riding more confidently on the busy streets of Wellington. You’ll be indicating like a pro, dodging buses and courier vans with ease and whizzing round roundabouts in no time after a street skills session.

This summer we’re lucky enough to once again have Marilyn  and her team of women instructors teaching a series of Street Skills courses. These courses are heavily discounted thanks to the Wellington City Council – only $20 gets you riding like a expert! This is the best investment you could make all summer.

We’ll be offering beginners and intermediate courses. On Saturday mornings and, a couple on a weekdays after work. Groups are limited so you get well looked after, but they fill up fast!

If you’re interested, check the dates below and email us asap to book your spot!

Updated dates for future courses:

  • Saturday, Dec. 1st – 9:00 -12:00 (rain date 2nd) > postponed until February
  • Wednesday & Thursday, Jan 30th and 31st – 6pm – 7:30pm (* 2-part evening course*)
  • Thursday, Feb 7th and Tuesday, Feb 12th – 6:00 – 7:30pm (* 2-part evening course*)
  • Saturday, March 16th – 9:00 -12:00 (rain date 17th)
  • Saturday, April 20th – 9:00 -12:00 (rain date 21st)